Roche Fusion Achievement List

From the ashes From the ashes
Activate the Beard’s ultimate.
Triforce Triforce
Activate Trinity’s ultimate.
Binary cascade Binary cascade
Activate Digit’s ultimate.
Seventy-four Seventy-four
Activate the Arrow’s ultimate.
Swoosh! Swoosh!
Activate the Bat’s ultimate.
Strength in numbers Strength in numbers
Activate N0P3’s ultimate.
Ultimate addict Ultimate addict
Activate the ultimate of six different ships.
C-C-C-Combo Breaker C-C-C-Combo Breaker
Lose a combo.
Part of the plan Part of the plan
Don’t play alone for longer than a second in coop.
Pointless achievement Pointless achievement
Finish a game with exactly 0 points.
Passivist Passivist
Choose five passive upgrades without selecting any active ones.
Full of initiative Full of initiative
In single player, fill all your active upgrade slots without choosing any passive upgrades.
Explosive party Explosive party
Collect three different drone upgrades.
Cut the rope Cut the rope
Kill a spider by cutting its thread.
The part where he killed you The part where he killed you
Die to an epic boss.
Getting settled Getting settled
Open the settings screen.
Consolation prize Consolation prize
Finish a game without unlocking anything new.
Expert Expert
Activate an ultimate before losing any lives.
Prodigy Prodigy
Get a combo multiplier of x10 before the first set of upgrades.
Didn't dodge that Didn’t dodge that
Bite the bullet in bullet time.
In sync In sync
Have two ultimates active at the same time in coop.
A good start A good start
Reach the first set of upgrade stations without getting hit.
The way it's meant to be played The way it’s meant to be played
Kill an epic boss on normal difficulty.
Killing Spree Killing Spree
Get a combo multiplier of x5.
Rampage Rampage
Get a combo multiplier of x10.
Dominating Dominating
Get a combo multiplier of x15.
Unstoppable Unstoppable
Get a combo multiplier of x20.
Get a combo multiplier of x25.
Get a combo multiplier of x30.
Versatile Versatile
Choose 30 different upgrades over all games.
Make it so Make it so
Go to warp without arriving at upgrade stations.
Flawless Flawless
Reach the third set of upgrade stations without getting hit.
Can't touch this Can’t touch this
Activate any ultimate before getting hit once.
First blood First blood
Kill a mini-boss.
Requiscat in pace Requiscat in pace
Kill one million enemies.
It's over 9000! It’s over 9000!
Collect more than 9000 modifiers.
Lost count Lost count
Collect a hundred thousand ultimate orbs.
It's super effective! It’s super effective!
Activate fourty-two ultimates.
Multiplied Multiplied
Kill ten thousand enemies during combos.
I am become death I am become death
Kill one hundred mini-bosses.
Destroyer of worlds Destroyer of worlds
Kill ten epic bosses.
Piece of cake Piece of cake
Don’t lose any lives during an epic boss fight.
Old school Old school
Kill an epic dragon without getting burned.
Wasted Wasted
Lose a fully charged ultimate.
Risky Risky
Save up a fully charged ultimate for more than a minute (and no hiding behind upgrade stations!).
Triple threat Triple threat
Activate three ultimates in one single player game.
Ultimaster Ultimaster
Activate five ultimates in one single player game.
Mine! Mine!
Collect both unique upgrades in one single player game.
Specialists Specialists
Collect both unique upgrades for both players in one coop game.
Technomancer Technomancer
Revive a player in coop.
Perfectionist Perfectionist
Restart the game before being game over.
Like a boss Like a boss
Reach the second epic boss in one game.
Leprechaun Leprechaun
Collect two hundred modifiers in one game.
Gotta catch 'em all! Gotta catch ’em all!
Collect 1337 ultimate orbs in one game.
Thousands. Hundreds of thousands. Thousands. Hundreds of thousands.
Deal more than 1,771,561 points of damage.
Bullet sponge Bullet sponge
Absorb fifty thousand points of damage.
Meatshield Meatshield
Have your drones save your life more than fifty times in one game.
Dedicated Dedicated
Play one hundred games.
Carefully calculated Carefully calculated
Activate an ultimate during bullet time during an epic boss fight.
The hard way The hard way
Kill a spider without hitting its thread.
Jinxed it Jinxed it
Be the first to die permanently after your partner lost all your lives.
Tank Tank
Absorb 7500 points of damage in one game.
Through thick and thin Through thick and thin
Play fifty coop games.
Patient Patient
Kill a boss without using an active upgrade.
Cool guys don't look at explosions Cool guys don’t look at explosions
Don’t pick up any orbs after a boss fight.
They're swarming They’re swarming
Kill 100 support enemies during a boss fight.
Quartet Quartet
Kill four bosses in one game.
But our princess is in another castle But our princess is in another castle
Kill an epic boss with a ship that doesn’t unlock another ship.
Instakill Instakill
Kill a mini-boss within twenty seconds.
When life gives you limes When life gives you limes
Collect ten modifiers in a row without missing one.
It's dangerous to go alone! Take this. It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.
Upgrade your ship 300 times.
Health++ Health++
Get healed by 300 hitpoints in one game.
I am fully charged! I am fully charged!
Fire 100 fully charged shots in one game.
Endgame Endgame
Pick up your seventh upgrade in single player.
Superstar Superstar
Complete the special unlock requirements for five different ships.
Secret weapon Secret weapon
Don’t use an active upgrade until the next warp after getting it.
Not so secret weapon Not so secret weapon
Use an active upgrade fourty times in one game.
Hive Five Hive Five
Activate Lily’s ultimate.
Division by zero Division by zero
Activate the Crab’s ultimate.