Robot Tsunami Achievement List

Give Me A Minute Give Me A Minute
Play the game for 1 minute
Give Me An Hour Give Me An Hour
Play the game for 1 hour
Give Me A Day Give Me A Day
Play the game for 1 day
Dead Cat Dead Cat
Lose 9 lives
Close Shave Close Shave
Complete 1 wave with 1 second left
Need Another Razor Need Another Razor
Complete 10 waves with 1 second left
Just Getting Started Just Getting Started
Destroy 1 robot
Sharp Shooter Sharp Shooter
Destroy 100 robots
Top Shot Top Shot
Destroy 500 robots
Shrapnel King Shrapnel King
Destroy 1000 robots
Slaughterhouse Slaughterhouse
Destroy 2000 robots
Mega Death Mega Death
Destroy 5000 robots
Carnage Carnage
Destroy 10,000 robots
With a Little Help With a Little Help
Deploy 20 turrets
Given A Hand Given A Hand
Deploy 50 turrets
Having A Rest Having A Rest
Deploy 100 turrets
The Mechanic The Mechanic
Deploy 200 turrets
Now You See Me Now You See Me
Teleport 25 times
Now You Don't Now You Don’t
Teleport 50 times
Kaboom Kaboom
Destroy 25 barrels
Just Stand There Just Stand There
Destroy 50 barrels
I Hate Barrels I Hate Barrels
Destroy 100 barrels
That's Mine That’s Mine
Collect 50 pickups
So's That So’s That
Collect 100 pickups
All At Once All At Once
Make 25 multi-kills
Line Them Up Line Them Up
Make 50 multi-kills
Group Shot Group Shot
Make 100 multi-kills
Boom, You're All Dead Boom, You’re All Dead
Make 200 multi-kills
One Down One Down
Complete 1 campaign wave
Still Warming Up Still Warming Up
Complete 10 campaign waves
Getting Better Getting Better
Complete 50 campaign waves
Mastering It Mastering It
Complete 100 campaign waves
In It For The Long Haul In It For The Long Haul
Complete 200 campaign waves
Supreme Dedication Supreme Dedication
Complete 500 campaign waves
Is There An End Is There An End
Complete 1000 campaign waves