Robo’s World: The Zarnok Fortress Achievement List

Sentry Sentry
Complete a play-through on Beginner or harder
Fighter Fighter
Complete a play-through on Easy or harder
Specialist Specialist
Complete a play-through on Normal or harder
Expert Expert
Complete a play-through on Difficult or harder
Elite Elite
Complete a play-through on Hardcore
Unboxing Unboxing
Complete a play-through ignoring all crates on Easy or harder
Chronicler Chronicler
Access all 50 white lore Terminals (Easy or harder)
Explorer Explorer
Explore every room of the Fortress (Easy or harder)
Guardian Guardian
Destroy the Fortress before it reaches your home planet (Easy or harder)
Noisrucni Noisrucni
Complete New Game Plus
Matrices Matrices
Unlock all Digital Environment entrance points (Easy or harder)
Meant to do that Meant to do that
Stick an enemy with a grenade that has bounced more than 5 times
Unsteady footing Unsteady footing
Jump off an enemy 5 times consecutively
Thumb on the trigger Thumb on the trigger
Have every facility on the Fortress rigged to detonate
The System is Down The System is Down
Throw a light switch rave
Challenge I Challenge I
Complete Challenge level 1
Basement Janitor Basement Janitor
Clear level B1 of all enemies
Metal Snake Metal Snake
Get through level B2 without being spotted by any Zarnok Workers
Restless Restless
Complete level W5 in under 45 seconds
Expert Hunter Expert Hunter
Destroy both Experts in level E5
Last one Out Last one Out
Turn off all lights in level E4 on Hardcore difficulty
Cr8 h8r Cr8 h8r
Destroy all item crates in level E2
Deus ex Platforming Deus ex Platforming
Complete level F4 in under 15 seconds
Waka Waka Waka Waka Waka Waka Waka Waka
Erase 50 or more AI bits in a single run through the Digital Environment
Digital Fear Digital Fear
Kill a Guardian after being chased by it for over 1 minute