Robbery Bob: Man of Steal Achievement List

Best Guinea Pig Ever Best Guinea Pig Ever
Complete the first level in Secret Lab.
Biff's New Best Friend Biff’s New Best Friend
Complete the first level in Downtown.
Burglar Burglar
Get 15 stars in Downtown.
Catch Me If You Can Catch Me If You Can
Cause a guard to curse 3 times in the same level.
Caution Wet Floor Caution Wet Floor
Step in wet paint and complete a level.
Criminal Mastermind Criminal Mastermind
Perfect all levels in Downtown.
Dog Person Dog Person
Get followed by a dog for a whole minute.
Doctor who? Doctor who?
Disguise yourself as a scientist.
Elite Larcenist Elite Larcenist
Perfect all levels in Suburbs.
Embezzled Embezzled
Complete the Downtown chapter.
First Time Offender First Time Offender
Complete the first level.
Invisible Invisible
Complete a level without being seen.
Juvenile Offender Juvenile Offender
Get 15 stars in Suburbs.
Kingpin Kingpin
Get 15 stars in Downtown.
Lab Ferret Lab Ferret
Get 15 stars in Secret Lab.
Man Of Steal Man Of Steal
Perfect all levels in Secret Lab.
Master Thief Master Thief
Perfect all story chapters.
Menace Of Suburbia Menace Of Suburbia
Get 45 stars in Suburbs.
Old Grumpy Old Grumpy
Disguise yourself as an old lady.
On The Beat On The Beat
Disguise yourself as a police officer.
Pilfer Paradox Pilfer Paradox
Get 45 stars in Secret Lab.
Portal Portal
Use a teleporter.
Prison Blues Prison Blues
Get busted in a level.
Prison Break Prison Break
Complete the Secret Lab chapter.
Repeat Offender Repeat Offender
Get 30 stars in Suburbs.
Robbin' Bobette Robbin’ Bobette
Disguise yourself as a civilian woman.
Safecracker Safecracker
Get 30 stars in Downtown.
Security Consultant Security Consultant
Get 30 stars in Secret Lab.
Sneaky Treat Sneaky Treat
Get 15 stars in the Bonus chapter.
Solved Conundrum Solved Conundrum
Complete the Bonus chapter.
Spread The Wealth Spread The Wealth
Perfect 5 levels.
Stay! Stay!
Successfully stop a dog from following you.
Takedown Takedown
Complete the Suburbs chapter.
The Shadow The Shadow
Complete a night level without being seen.
Was That A Rat? Was That A Rat?
Make an old lady suspicious 3 times in a level.
Who Goes There? Who Goes There?
Successfully use a distraction object.
Who You Gonna Call? Who You Gonna Call?
Get busted by a dispatched police officer.