Rise of the Triad Achievement List

In the Thick of It In the Thick of It
Complete E1L1 100%
Burned and Amazed Burned and Amazed
Complete E1L2 100%
Too Much Room Too Much Room
Complete E1L3 100%
Spring Surprise Spring Surprise
Complete E1L4 100%
General Darian's Lair General Darian’s Lair
Complete E1L5 100%
Buried in a Lunchbox Buried in a Lunchbox
Complete Episode 1
Assault the Base Assault the Base
Complete Episode 1 100%
Into the Castle Into the Castle
Complete E2L1 100%
You're Tearing Me Apart! You’re Tearing Me Apart!
Complete E2L2 100%
Spiraling In Spiraling In
Complete E2L3 100%
Four Way Chamber Four Way Chamber
Complete E2L4 100%
Look Ma! No Legs! Look Ma! No Legs!
Complete E2L5 100%
Do You Even Stand? Do You Even Stand?
Complete Episode 2
Breach the Castle Breach the Castle
Complete Episode 2 100%
Robotricks Robotricks
Complete E3L1 100%
Down and Over Down and Over
Complete E3L2 100%
Dead in 5 Seconds Dead in 5 Seconds
Complete E3L3 100%
Clear and Present Dangers Clear and Present Dangers
Complete E3L4 100%
Know Thine NME Know Thine NME
Complete E3L5 100%
Enemosity Enemosity
Complete Episode 3
What Lies Beneath What Lies Beneath
Complete Episode 3 100%
Monky Business Monky Business
Complete E4L1 100%
Fire and Brimstone Fire and Brimstone
Complete E4L2 100%
Backfire Backfire
Complete E4L3 100%
Circles of Fire Circles of Fire
Complete E4L4 100%
El Oscuro El Oscuro
Complete E4L5 100%
Cult Following Cult Following
Complete Episode 4
Cult Classic Cult Classic
Complete Episode 4 100%
Nerd! Nerd!
Complete Every Level 100%
1 On 1 1 On 1
Beat General Darian in 3 Minutes
Weak Legs Weak Legs
Beat Krist in 3 Minutes
Robo Nono Robo Nono
Beat NME in 5 Minutes
Deck the Hall Deck the Hall
Beat El Oscuro in 3 Minutes
Walk in the Park Walk in the Park
Beat the Game on Easy Difficulty
Over Easy Over Easy
Beat the Game on Medium Difficulty
With a Vengeance! With a Vengeance!
Beat the Game on Hard Difficulty
Old School Old School
Beat the Game on Ludicrous difficulty
Beat the Game on Ludicrous Difficulty and Attain 100% Completion
Knife Party Knife Party
Kill 666 Enemies with Knives
Beaglefaaaace! Beaglefaaaace!
Kill 3 Enemies at Once with the Barkblast
You Need help You Need help
Tea-bag an Enemy While in Dog-Mode
Raining Blood Raining Blood
Kill 5 People at Once with Explosives or Magical Weapons
Dat Nostalgia Dat Nostalgia
Activate the Original Soundtrack
Slow Your Roll, Bro Slow Your Roll, Bro
Finish the Game in 4 Hours or Less
Consider This An Intervention Consider This An Intervention
Get Shrooms Mode for the First Time
Seriously, Please Seek Help Seriously, Please Seek Help
Teabag 5 Decapitated Heads
Aaron the Porridge Baron Aaron the Porridge Baron
Eat 3 Porridge Bowls in 5 Seconds
I'm a Plumber By Trade I’m a Plumber By Trade
Collect 10 Coins in 5 Seconds
This is my Doomstick! This is my Doomstick!
Kill 666 Enemies with the Doomstick
Ludicrosity Ludicrosity
Get “Ludicrous gibs” With All Weapons that are Capable of Gibbing
Kill an Enemy While Under the Effects of a Jump Pad
Equal Opportunity Equal Opportunity
Finish the Game With All Characters on Any Difficulty
Head Hunter Head Hunter
Find Scott’s Mystical Head
Steppin' Razer Steppin’ Razer
Kill 50 Enemies by Using Their Own Traps Against Them
Sausage Fest Sausage Fest
Eat 50 Meals
Gib Fest Gib Fest
Gib 50 Enemies
Hedgehog Hedgehog
Tea Bag Every Kind of Human Enemy
Under the Hood Under the Hood
Tea Bag a Ballistikraft
Chamomillionaire Chamomillionaire
Tea Bag Every Type of Enemy in the Game
Collateral Damage Collateral Damage
Kill an Enemy with an Exploding Barrel
Seven Ten Seven Ten
Gib 2 Enemies with the Split Missile
Rocket Scientist Rocket Scientist
Kill an Enemy During a Rocket Jump
Fresch Fresch
Find the Super Sexy Secret Poster
Munchies Munchies
Eat 4 Health Pickups While in Shrooms Mode
Juiced Juiced
Kill 666 Enemies with the Excalibat
Tequila Tequila
Kill 666 Enemies with Pistols
Spray and Pray Spray and Pray
Kill 666 Enemies with the MP40
Rock-It Man Rock-It Man
Kill 666 Enemies with the Rocket Launcher
Hot Blooded Hot Blooded
Kill 666 Enemies with the Heat Seeker
Double Vision Double Vision
Kill 666 Enemies with the Split Missile
Shit Faced Shit Faced
Kill 666 Enemies with the Drunk Missile
You Shall Not Pass You Shall Not Pass
Kill 666 Enemies with the Dark Staff
Nukem Nukem
Kill 666 Enemies with the Firebomb
Global Warming Global Warming
Kill 666 Enemies with the Flamewall
You're The Dog Now, Man! You’re The Dog Now, Man!
Kill 666 Enemies While in Dog Mode
Judgement Day Judgement Day
Kill 666 Enemies While in God Mode
Double Oh Yeah Double Oh Yeah
Beat the Game with IP Freely
Red Haired Redemption Red Haired Redemption
Beat the Game with Thi Barrett
Bad Mother Fucker Bad Mother Fucker
Beat the Game with Doug Wendt
Shadow Warrior Shadow Warrior
Beat the Game with Lorelei Ni
It's All in the Hair It’s All in the Hair
Beat the Game with Tarradino Cassat
It's Like DLC, But Free! It’s Like DLC, But Free!
Run the Game with a Custom Mod or Map Installed
Come at me World Come at me World
Submit a Score to the Leaderboard
Executioner Executioner
Kill an Enemy While He’s Begging for His Life
You Suck You Suck
Get the Bad Ending
Play Through All The Secret Levels
PhysX ShmysX PhysX ShmysX
Destroy a Ludicrous Amount of Geometry
Holy Shit Holy Shit
Run the Game on Maximum Ludicrous Settings
Shop Smart, Shop S Mart Shop Smart, Shop S Mart
Pick up the Doomstick for the first time
Grandma's Boy Grandma’s Boy
Disable Gore
That's Dope That’s Dope
Find the Dopefish
Bonus Bonus Bonus Bonus
Get 2000000 Points in One Level
Tryhard Tryhard
Kill an Enforcer with a Single Pistol
Fool Me Once Fool Me Once
Get Killed by an Enemy Who Was Previously Begging for His Life
Triple Triad Triple Triad
Kill 3 Different Types of Triads with One Attack