Rise of Nations: Extended Edition Achievement List

Assassin Assassin
Win Assassin
Science Nerd Science Nerd
Win Peaceful Tech Race
Knockout Knockout
Knockout in Sudden Death
Good Ear Good Ear
Win Musical Chairs
Territory Territory
Win Territory
Wonder Wonder
Win Wonder
Big Huge Big Huge
Win on a Big Huge Map
Student Of War Student Of War
Beat Tougher
Master Of War Master Of War
Beat Toughest
Ambassador Ambassador
Finish a multiplayer game
Generous Generous
Send resources to an ally
Conqueror Conqueror
Capture a city
Armageddon Armageddon
Finish a game in Armageddon
Skilled Skilled
Get a high score on any skill
Supreme Supreme
Complete the World Map Campaign
Footsteps Footsteps
Complete the Alexander the Great Campaign
Napoleon Napoleon
Complete the Napoleon Campaign
New World New World
Complete the New World Campaign
Thawed Thawed
Complete the Cold War Campaign
KGB Spymaster KGB Spymaster
Complete Espionage as the Soviets
CIA Spymaster CIA Spymaster
Complete Espionage as the USA
Colonel Colonel
Win 10 games
Brigadier Brigadier
Win 25 games
General General
Win 50 games
Field Marshal Field Marshal
Win 100 games
Genius Genius
Research 4 finals in game
Marco Polo Marco Polo
Gain control of 250 rare resources
Archaeologist Archaeologist
Collect 5,000 resources from ruins
Economical Guru Economical Guru
Collect 1,000,000 resources
Tactical Tactical
Kill 50,000 units
Grand Architect Grand Architect
Build 10,000 buildings
Mass Infantry Mass Infantry
Train 1,000,000 infantry units
Mass Cavalry Mass Cavalry
Train 1,000,000 cavalry units
Artillery Artillery
Train 50,000 artillery units
Naval Naval
Train 25,000 naval units
Air Air
Train 10,000 air units
Decon Decon
Destroy 10,000 buildings
Sacrificer Sacrificer
Lose 100,000 units