Rise: Battle Lines Achievement List

Divine Right Divine Right
Kill a unit with your General.
Don't Carp Don’t Carp
Beat Earl Sharp.
Et Tu Brute? Et Tu Brute?
Complete a friend battle.
Hold The Line Hold The Line
Ensure your General survives.
Meteoric Rise Meteoric Rise
Earn 50+ Glory from a single battle.
More Like Piddling More Like Piddling
Beat Baron Middling.
Regicide Regicide
Kill an opponent’s General.
Veni Vidi Vici Veni Vidi Vici
Win a Play button battle.
What a Pidiot! What a Pidiot!
Beat Lord Pidiot.
You Lookin At Me? You Lookin At Me?
Challenge a friend.
King of Kings King of Kings
Earn 10000 Glory to become ‘the Mighty’.
People's King People’s King
Earn 5000 Glory to become ‘the Great’.
Warrior King Warrior King
Earn 2500 Glory to become ‘the Brave’.
His Royal Highness His Royal Highness
Earn 1500 Glory to become a King or Queen.
Prince Harming Prince Harming
Earn 1000 Glory to become a Prince or Princess.
Duking It Out Duking It Out
Earn 750 Glory to become a Duke or Duchess.
Remarquable! Remarquable!
Earn 600 Glory to become a Marquis or Marquise.
Early Bird Early Bird
Earn 500 Glory to become an Earl or Countess.
Who's Counting? Who’s Counting?
Earn 400 Glory to become a Viscount or Viscountess.
Big Bad Baron Big Bad Baron
Earn 300 Glory to become a Baron or Baroness.
Baby Baron Baby Baron
Earn 200 Glory to become a Baronet or Baronetess.
Good Lord! Good Lord!
Earn 100 Glory to become a Lord or Lady.
On A Roll On A Roll
Win 3 Play button battles in a row.
Invincible Invincible
Win 5 Play button battles in a row.