Riff Racer Achievement List

Drive 5 cars
Showroom Showroom
Drive 10 cars
Wheels of Steel Wheels of Steel
Drive ALL cars
Disc Jockey Disc Jockey
Drive 10 songs
Turntablist Turntablist
Drive 25 songs
Mixmaster Mixmaster
Drive 50 songs
Grandmaster Grandmaster
Drive 100 songs
Discovery Discovery
Author 1 track
Keep Digging Keep Digging
Author 5 tracks
Lost and Found Lost and Found
Author 10 tracks
Bronze Rank Bronze Rank
Reach Driver Level 5
Silver Rank Silver Rank
Reach Driver Level 10
Gold Rank Gold Rank
Reach Driver Level 15
Platinum Rank Platinum Rank
Reach Driver Level 20
Play Head Play Head
Stay 100% in sync for a whole song
Fast Forward Fast Forward
Enter the super-sync zone 10 times in under 40 seconds
Push the Tempo Push the Tempo
Stay in the super-sync zone for 25 consecutive seconds
Stuck in a Loop Stuck in a Loop
Play a single song 10 times
Can't Touch This Can’t Touch This
Beat a recommended ghost
Respray Respray
Unlock 5 packs
Paint Job Paint Job
Unlock 10 packs
Graffiti Artist Graffiti Artist
Unlock 20 packs
Wild Style Wild Style
Unlock ALL packs
Remix Remix
Score more than 100,000 on a song under 3 minutes in length
Extended Play Extended Play
Race on a song longer than 10 minutes in length
Destructive Destructive
Smash 30 boxes or more without missing one
Swift Swift
Boost 20 times or more in one song
Back and Forth Back and Forth
Drift more than 16 beats in one manoeuvre
Jump the Needle Jump the Needle
Jump more than 8 beats in one manoeuvre
Flip the Record Flip the Record
Roll more than 4 beats in one manoeuvre
Unstoppable Unstoppable
Drive a whole song without hitting a barricade
Friend or Foe Friend or Foe
Beat a friend’s ghost
Rocking It Rocking It
Play a Rock/Metal song
Dancing Machine Dancing Machine
Play a Dance song
Rolling and Scratching Rolling and Scratching
Play a Hip-Hop/Urban song
Radio Friendly Radio Friendly
Play a Pop Song
True Classic True Classic
Play a Classical song
Express Yourself Express Yourself
Play a Jazz/Funk/Soul song