RFLEX Achievement List

It starts as fun.. It starts as fun..
Beat ‘Amusement’
Last one; I swear. Last one; I swear.
Beat ‘Challenge’
I have a problem. I have a problem.
Beat ‘Addiction’
I need help. I need help.
Beat ‘Lifestyle’
You know.. screw it. You know.. screw it.
Beat ‘Death-wish’
Safety first. Safety first.
Used epileptic mode.
First of many. First of many.
First death.
I'll just have one. I’ll just have one.
Beat ‘Amusement’ while Drunk
One more couldn't hurt. One more couldn’t hurt.
Beat ‘Challenge’ while Drunk
Just a bit tipsy. Just a bit tipsy.
Beat ‘Addiction’ while Drunk
iss okay, I can dRIVE! iss okay, I can dRIVE!
Beat ‘Lifestyle’ while Drunk
*passes out* *passes out*
Beat ‘Deathwish’ while Drunk; pass out