Revolution Ace Achievement List

First Purchase First Purchase
Buy your first equipment item.
I Am Superior I Am Superior
Win a Versus game.
Careful Planning Careful Planning
Destroy a boss with a 5x or greater combo.
Long Running Series Long Running Series
Play a Battle Chains series that reaches Round 5.
Victory is Mine Victory is Mine
Complete the Campaign.
Hidden Achievement
I am the Master I am the Master
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Spam This! Spam This!
Destroy 100 Spamicopters.
Just Too Giving Just Too Giving
Send over 500 enemies to opponents in Battle Chains games.
Seeing Red Seeing Red
Figure out a way to destroy a red Shadow enemy.
Combo Master Combo Master
Reach a 50x combo.
Powerful Powerful
Collect 100 powerups.
Catch 'em All Catch ’em All
Collect each type of powerup at least once.
Elite! Elite!
Equip an elite weapon in every standard weapon slot.
Millionaire Millionaire
Amass 1,000,000 scrap.
Super Master Super Master
Obtain every superweapon.
Ace Ace
Reach level 20.
Perky Perky
Get your first Perk.
Unleash the Power Unleash the Power
Use a superweapon ten times.
Rejected Rejected
Destroy an enemy with a reflected projectile.