REVERSE SIDE Achievement List

Diploma astronaut. Diploma astronaut.
Pass the test at the cosmonaut training center.
Eye of the needle. Eye of the needle.
Ideal joining.
Destination. Destination.
To finish process of joining of the spaceship.
The choice is made! The choice is made!
To finish chapter: “Arrival”
Contact! Contact!
To find a signal source.
Bad day! Bad day!
To finish chapter: “Preservation”
Innocence. Innocence.
To finish chapter: “Zefanit”
One of us. One of us.
To finish chapter: “Heritage”
Cold and darkness. Cold and darkness.
To finish chapter: “In a shadow”
Difficult choice. Difficult choice.
To finish chapter: “The forbidden contact”
Last Crew Last Crew
Find a photo of the last crew.