Retrovirus Achievement List

Didn't Fear the Reaper Didn’t Fear the Reaper
Terminate the Reaper
One Ping to Find Them One Ping to Find Them
Terminate the Wraith
The Spice Must Flow The Spice Must Flow
Terminate the Worm
Herculean Task Herculean Task
Terminate the Hydra
Professional Professional
Beat all levels on Admin difficulty
Hack the Planet Hack the Planet
Beat all levels on Hacker difficulty
Scan Complete Scan Complete
100% the campagin
ICE Breaker ICE Breaker
Beat all levels in co-op
There Can Be Only One There Can Be Only One
Win a Deathmatch game against 2 or more players 4 times
Team Leader Team Leader
Lead a team of 2 or more to victory in Team Deathmatch 3 times
No Flag, No Country! No Flag, No Country!
Win a Domination game 6 times
Defense of the Agents Defense of the Agents
Win a MOBA game 6 times
Second Chance Second Chance
Regenerate completely from 5 health