Reset 1-1 Achievement List

'Die' ‘Die’
You’ll get used to it!
'Tutorial Complete' ‘Tutorial Complete’
Boooooo, Spooky!
'Secret 1' ‘Secret 1’
Shotgun Sword
'Secret 2' ‘Secret 2’
Hell Sword!
'Secret 3' ‘Secret 3’
Star Sword!
'Who's Jhon?' ‘Who’s Jhon?’
And who are you?
'Dance with the Devil' ‘Dance with the Devil’
Helpless and left for dead
'Up in the sky' ‘Up in the sky’
And down to the end!
'Rich man' ‘Rich man’
Get all the coins in the game!
'Close to the edge' ‘Close to the edge’
What a high number of deaths!