RESCUE 2 Achievement List

Reaching New Heights Reaching New Heights
Get a Ladder Vehicle
Overwhelming Power Overwhelming Power
Get a Water Tender
Zzzap Zzzap
Get a Defibrillator
Foam Party Foam Party
Get a Foam Mixer
Lifesaver Lifesaver
Save 10 people
Leave No-one Behind Leave No-one Behind
Save 100 people
Douser Douser
Extinguish 10 fires
Extinguisher Extinguisher
Extinguish 100 fires
Asphyxiation Asphyxiation
Extinguish 10 liquid fires
Non-conductive Non-conductive
Extinguish 10 electric fires
Lights Out Lights Out
Turn power off 20 times
Raised from the Dead Raised from the Dead
Defibrillate 10 victims
Drop the Axe Drop the Axe
Break some doors
Destructor Destructor
Break more doors
New Home New Home
Get Station 2
Like a Palace Like a Palace
Get Station 3
They Need a Hero They Need a Hero
Gain full reputation
Human Resources Human Resources
Hire 13 personnel
Rank It Up Rank It Up
Gain full rank for a firefighter
Hero of the City Hero of the City
See it all, do it all