Regency Solitaire Achievement List

Happily Ever After Happily Ever After
Beat the game in Normal mode.
Sumptuous Solitaire Sumptuous Solitaire
Beat the game in Hard mode.
Perfectionist Perfectionist
Get 10 perfect hands in a chapter.
Starstruck Starstruck
Earn 20 stars in a chapter.
A Woman of Means A Woman of Means
Win 5000 gold in a single chapter.
A Vertitable Fortune A Vertitable Fortune
Win 6000 gold in a single chapter.
Double Your Money Double Your Money
Get a 2x multiplier.
Multiplier Maestro Multiplier Maestro
Get a 5x multiplier.
Combo Debutante Combo Debutante
Make your first combo.
Combo Connoisseur Combo Connoisseur
Make a combo of 20 or higher.
Combo Countess Combo Countess
Make a combo of 35 or higher.
Dream Ballroom Dream Ballroom
Purchase all of the ballroom and costume upgrades.
Power-crazed Power-crazed
Use all 3 cameo powerups in a single hand.
Wild Child Wild Child
Fill up the fan with wildcards/jokers.
Prudent Saver Prudent Saver
Save up 25000 gold without spending it.
Visit London Visit London
Reach chapter 7, set in London.
Tea For Two Tea For Two
Find the silver teapot.