RED Fuse: Rolling Explosive Device Achievement List

Hitting the Gem Hitting the Gem
Break your first ore.
Pile of Gems Pile of Gems
Break 100 ore veins.
Gem Mountain Gem Mountain
Break 1,000 ore veins.
Payday Payday
Earn a lifetime income of $1,000.
Class Mobility Class Mobility
Earn a lifetime income of $10,000.
Savings Account Savings Account
Have at least $10,000 in unspent funds.
Streaker Streaker
Get a time-limited streak of 5x or more.
 It's Better Among Friends It’s Better Among Friends
Get a same-type bonus of 5x or more.
Grapes of Wrath Grapes of Wrath
Set a highscore of 1800 or more on Grapevine Mine.
Express Elevator Express Elevator
Solve Stairwell using no more than 2 ramps.
Bolder Boulders Bolder Boulders
Set a highscore of 7250 or more on Bitterboulder Dungeon.
Old Faithful Old Faithful
Set a highscore of 2400 or more on Leap of Faith.
Wet Behind the Ears Wet Behind the Ears
Set a highscore of 1700 or more on Wet Stone Cavern.
Crown Jewels Crown Jewels
Master all ranks.
Ant Farmer Ant Farmer
Set a highscore of 4510 or more on Ant Farm.