Red Comrades Save the Galaxy: Reloaded Achievement List

Welcome to Backwoods Welcome to Backwoods
Leave the house
Breaking Bad Breaking Bad
Make Kuzmich drunk as a skunk, and high as a mountain.
Yawn Yawn
Visit the club
Rookie Gardener Rookie Gardener
What’s that – a palm?
Masquerade Masquerade
Find cover to get to the White Army
I'm not some Larry Laffer I’m not some Larry Laffer
Don’t you dare touching Anka!
Good Ol' Arnie Good Ol’ Arnie
Talk about Arnie’s poster
Stripes & Elephants Stripes & Elephants
Tell the Pilot brothers!
The Old Bunch The Old Bunch
Learn about other people of Backwoods
What? Broke it already? What? Broke it already?
Assemble without a manual.
Scent of a Woman Scent of a Woman
Trick the lieutenant
Wake up! Wake up!
Make Madeleine drunk
Last Chinese Warning Last Chinese Warning
Trick the Chinese man
Caesar's Portrait Caesar’s Portrait
Are you sure it’s the czar?
Armed & Dangerous Armed & Dangerous
Find some weapons
I'm Not Some Roger Wilco I’m Not Some Roger Wilco
Talk about the space janitor
Jones, Indiana Jones Jones, Indiana Jones
Was he here too?
Murka Murka
Sing Murka
Fifty Shades of Pope Fifty Shades of Pope
Learn Pope’s history
This isn't Doom! This isn’t Doom!
Learn the real storyline of Doom
Per Aspera Ad Astra Per Aspera Ad Astra
Fly away from this planet
Whose Head Is This? Whose Head Is This?
Find Furmanov’s head
Escape from captivity
Back to the Future Back to the Future
Use the time-machine
They Live Among Us They Live Among Us
Learn the truth (which is out there)
I'm done with it! I’m done with it!
Your dull jokes make Vasily Ivanovich grieve
The End The End
Finish 100% of the game