RECYCLE Achievement List

Packages Packages
Collect 10.000 kg packaging waste.
Paper plane Paper plane
Collect 20.000 kg paper waste.
Organic is good Organic is good
Collect 30.000 kg organic waste.
Glass shards Glass shards
Collect 40.000 kg of glass.
Biogas Electricity Biogas Electricity
Produce 5000 of biogas electricity.
Quite toasted Quite toasted
Incinerate 10.000 kg of waste.
Army of garbage men Army of garbage men
Hire 40 workers.
Landfill Hills Landfill Hills
Own 2 landfills.
Wheel power Wheel power
Own 6 trucks.
Fleet Fleet
Own 15 trucks.
Recycling time Recycling time
Buy recycling factory.
Burn them Burn them
Buy incinerator.
Now I can park somewhere Now I can park somewhere
Buy 5 parking lots.
They're mine They’re mine
Own 5 licenses.
Like a boss Like a boss
Own 20 licenses in the city.
Upgrades, upgrades Upgrades, upgrades
Upgrade all buildings.
The glass is full The glass is full
Fill a whole landfill.
Obedient driver Obedient driver
Don’t cause a traffic violation while driving for a full 7 days.
Money manager Money manager
Don’t take out a loan for a full 60 days.
Who needs gas… Who needs gas…
No vehicle can run out of fuel for a full 30 days.