Recourse Achievement List

Text Friends Text Friends
Meet Floe
Thinking Caps Off Thinking Caps Off
Finish all puzzle levels
Master Conductor Master Conductor
Finish all payload levels
Point Break Point Break
Finish all wave rush levels
Floe v 1.9 Floe v 1.9
Fully Upgrade Floe
WINTER's here WINTER’s here
Done with this Planet Done with this Planet
Get all achievements
Oviraptor Oviraptor
Find all seven easter eggs
Sunday Drive Sunday Drive
Simulators are designed for it
A Cannister... A Cannister…
Enjoy the food and music
Terminated Terminated
Break the ice
Who Let the Dog In? Who Let the Dog In?
Who? Who? Who?
It Never Bothered Me Anyway It Never Bothered Me Anyway
You need to get colder, not warmer
Boo! Boo!
Scare all cuttlefish in Puzzle Level 0
Advanced Grappling Advanced Grappling
Put a fish in the blue recycler with Floe’s help without ever using the orange launcher in Puzzle Level 1
Scenic Tour Scenic Tour
Take a full tour of the level on the blue manta ray in Puzzle Level 2
Spawn Trap Spawn Trap
Destroy 5 Bouncers in 15 seconds in Puzzle Level 3
Bring Your Own Barrel Bring Your Own Barrel
Use only barrels to unlock the blue gate in Puzzle Level 4
Rooftop Beach Party Rooftop Beach Party
Take two beach balls and three different kinds of music loops to the highest point and bounce a big lightball from the floor with WINTER in Puzzle Level 5
Recalculating Trajectory Recalculating Trajectory
Reach the floating platform without going near any manta rays in Puzzle Level 6
Chasing Cuttlefish Chasing Cuttlefish
Finish the blue jigsaw puzzle under three minutes in Puzzle Level 7
Unintended Solution Unintended Solution
Solve the laser puzzle without using any balls in Puzzle Level 8
Started from the Bottom... Started from the Bottom…
Start from the Point B and reach the anchor recycler in 10 seconds in Puzzle Level 95
Knowing the Drill Knowing the Drill
Assemble the drill in 5 minutes in Puzzle Level 10
Missed Me? Missed Me?
Get a Construct to throw a barrel in a recycler without ever touching or grappling it in Puzzle Level 11
Pit Stop! Pit Stop!
Assemble the drill in 30 seconds in Puzzle Level 11
Vandal Vandal
Shatter all glasses behind the blue gate under 20 seconds in Puzzle Level 12
Watch Your Step Watch Your Step
Get Failbots to trigger all bombs in Payload Level 0
Nowololo Nowololo
Unlock the finish checkpoint without switching the moving tesla coil to your side in Payload Level 1
Despite All My Rage Despite All My Rage
Complete the time trial under 45 seconds in Payload Level 2
Merry Go Round Merry Go Round
Put a Loop Box on top of the blue contraption on the top floor and let it spin for 10 seconds in Payload Level 3
Tulipomania Tulipomania
Unlock every single tulip door at least once in Wave Defense Level 0
Just Wits and Cunning Just Wits and Cunning
Destroy the first 20 Failbots without deploying a single tool Wave Defense Level 1
Just a Rat in a Cage Just a Rat in a Cage
Complete the time trial under 35 seconds Wave Defense Level 2
Environmentalist Environmentalist
Bring a second one of each recycled item to the initial room after unlocking the finish in Wave Defense Level 3
Dialoguist Dialoguist
Have 100 conversations with Floe
Crate Hate Crate Hate
Destroy 100 crates
Still No Ammo Still No Ammo
Destroy 250 crates
Seeing Double Seeing Double
Find and enter all mystery numbers
I Jigged, I Saw, I Conquered I Jigged, I Saw, I Conquered
Finish the black jigsaw puzzle
Tried and Tested Tried and Tested
Complete all time trial races at least once
#134340 #134340
It still counts as one
Dumbwaiter Dumbwaiter
Put at least six different shaped objects in the dumbwaiter and let it go up and down once in Puzzle Level B.
One is enough One is enough
Collect the horizontal shield piece by deploying only a single laser to activate the optical receivers in Puzzle Level B
It Wasn't Me At All! It Wasn’t Me At All!
Eliminate 45 Failbots without using any deployables in Wave Rush Level B
Need No Barrels Need No Barrels
Unlock the black door in Wave Rush Level B without using any barrels
Slam Dunk Slam Dunk
Dunk a beach ball in one of the blue recyclers in Payload Level B
Backwards Dunk Backwards Dunk
Dunk a beach ball backwards in one of the blue recyclers in Payload Level B
Floe Dunkmaster Floe Dunkmaster
Dunk a beach ball grappled by Floe in one of the blue recyclers in Payload Level B