Rec Room Achievement List

Welcome to Rec Room! Welcome to Rec Room!
Login to the Rec Room for the first time.
Uniform Uniform
Customize your avatar for the first time.
Party participant Party participant
First fist bump
Party animal Party animal
500 fist bumps
Party monster Party monster
1000 fist bumps
Party maniac Party maniac
10000 fist bumps
Party god Party god
100000 fist bumps
Paddler Paddler
Play Paddle Ball
Paddler Pro Paddler Pro
Play Paddle Ball 10x
Super Paddler Super Paddler
Play Paddle Ball 100x
Ultra Paddler Ultra Paddler
Play Paddle Ball 1000x
Frolfer Frolfer
Play Disc Golf
Frolfer Pro Frolfer Pro
Play Disc Golf 10x
Super Frolfer Super Frolfer
Play Disc Golf 100x
Ultra Frolfer Ultra Frolfer
Play Disc Golf 1000x
Artiste Artiste
Play 3D Charades
Artiste Pro Artiste Pro
Play 3D Charades 10x
Super Artiste Super Artiste
Play 3D Charades 100x
Ultra Artiste Ultra Artiste
Play 3D Charades 1000x
Dodger Dodger
Play Dodgeball
Dodger Pro Dodger Pro
Play Dodgeball 10x
Super Dodger Super Dodger
Play Dodgeball 100x
Ultra Dodger Ultra Dodger
Play Dodgeball 1000x
Documentarian Documentarian
Make a GIF or Video
Award-nominated documentarian Award-nominated documentarian
Make 10 GIFs or Videos
Award-winning documentarian Award-winning documentarian
Make 100 GIFs or Videos
Legendary documentarian Legendary documentarian
Make 1000 GIFs or Videos
Chill dude Chill dude
High five someone
Chill dude pro Chill dude pro
High five 10 different people
Super chill dude Super chill dude
High five 100 different people
Ultra chill dude Ultra chill dude
High five 1000 different people
Party person Party person
100 fist bumps
Baller Baller
Play Paintball
Baller Pro Baller Pro
Play Paintball 10x
Super Baller Super Baller
Play Paintball 100x
Ultra Baller Ultra Baller
Play Paintball 1000x