Reassembly Achievement List

Beginning Archaeologist Beginning Archaeologist
Activated 10 Stations
Persistent Archaeologist Persistent Archaeologist
Activate all stations in a galaxy
Diverse Destroyer Diverse Destroyer
Unlock all 7 factions
Skull Slayer Skull Slayer
Destroy the largest crystalite ship
Crescent Slayer Crescent Slayer
Destroy the crescent ship
Completionist Completionist
Conquer all sectors in a galaxy
Explorer Explorer
Explore 1000 Sectors
Super Explorer Super Explorer
Explore 10,000 Sectors
Thorough Explorer Thorough Explorer
Explore all sectors in a galaxy
MinMaximizer MinMaximizer
Build a ship with exactly 8000P
Fleet Mother Fleet Mother
Spawn 100 ships
Resupplier Resupplier
Transfer 10,000 R to allies
Agent Destroyer Agent Destroyer
Destroy an agent
Agent Conquerer Agent Conquerer
Destroy 10 agents
Agent Obliterator Agent Obliterator
Destroy 50 Agents
Wormhole Explorer Wormhole Explorer
Travel through 1 wormhole
Frequent Wormholer Frequent Wormholer
Travel through 10 wormholes
Hoarder Hoarder
Acquire 10,000 C
Combat Rating: Worthy of Note Combat Rating: Worthy of Note
Destroy 10,000P of ships
Combat Rating: Dangerous Combat Rating: Dangerous
Destroy 30,000P of ships
Combat Rating: Deadly Combat Rating: Deadly
Destroy 50,000P of ships
Combat Rating: Frightening Combat Rating: Frightening
Destroy 70,000P of ships
Six Figures Six Figures
Acquire 100,000C
Consolation Prize Consolation Prize
Die 100 times