Reagan Gorbachev Achievement List

Break The Ice Break The Ice
Complete a level.
Area 51 Area 51
Discover a secret room.
Peacenik Peacenik
Finish a level without killing any enemies.
Rampage Rampage
Kill 20 or more enemies on any level.
Speedrun Speedrun
Complete any level in less than 20 seconds.
Stealth Bomber Stealth Bomber
Complete any level without setting off any alarms.
Step Back From The Brink Step Back From The Brink
Complete the game. (32 levels)
World Historian World Historian
Answer 3 trivia questions correctly.
Genius Genius
Answer 10 trivia questions correctly.
Cold War PhD Cold War PhD
Answer 20 trivia questions correctly.
Sabotage Sabotage
Destroy all the fuel in the fuel depot. (Level 21)