Reach for the Sun Achievement List

Pro Botanist Pro Botanist
Purchased all four plants.
Seedthrift Seedthrift
Purchased all plants and all upgrades.
Ready For Anything Ready For Anything
Purchased all garden upgrades.
Bare Bones Bare Bones
Fruited a flower without growing any extra leaves.
Deluxe! Lilac Deluxe! Lilac
Grew all possible lilac parts.
Deluxe! Toad Lily Deluxe! Toad Lily
Grew all possible toad lily parts.
Deluxe! Squash Deluxe! Squash
Grew all possible squash parts.
Deluxe! Sunflower Deluxe! Sunflower
Grew all possible sunflower parts.
By the Book By the Book
Beat the tutorial.