Razenroth Achievement List

Mud Monster Mud Monster
Kill Mud Monster
Wind Titan Wind Titan
Kill Wind Titan
Flameclaw Flameclaw
Kill Flameclaw
Ro'gnar Ro’gnar
Kill Ro’gnar
Goblin Sapper Goblin Sapper
Kill Goblin Sapper
Swamp Thing Swamp Thing
Kill Swamp Thing
Shaman Shaman
Kill Shaman
Evil Tree Evil Tree
Kill Evil Tree
Complete the game Complete the game
Complete the game on any difficulty
Toughman Toughman
Complete the game on hard difficulty level
Hell on earth Hell on earth
Complete the game on hell difficulty level
Warrior Warrior
Kill 100 monsters
Barbarian Barbarian
Kill 500 monsters
Berserker Berserker
Kill 1000 monsters
Brave Brave
Kill 5 mini bosses
Invincible Invincible
Kill 20 mini bosses
Handyman Handyman
Buy new thing for the hut
Manor house Manor house
Buy all available things for the hut
Drunken Master Drunken Master
Drink 50 potions
Adventurer Adventurer
Complete 5 quests
Phoenix Phoenix
Find Phoenix altar
Orchardman Orchardman
Find magic apple
Customer Customer
Buy 1 item
Skeletor Skeletor
Unlock Skeletor
Fire elemental Fire elemental
Unlock Fire elemental
Grandpa Grandpa
Unlock grandpa
Golem Golem
Unlock golem
Treant Treant
Unlock Treant
Hooligan Hooligan
Destroy 50 environment elements
Destructor Destructor
Destroy 100 environment elements
Lord of Destruction Lord of Destruction
Destroy 500 environment elements
Collector Collector
Collect 200 pieces of gold
Magnate Magnate
Collect 500 pieces of gold
Moneygrabber Moneygrabber
Collect 1000 pieces of gold
Locksmith - level 1 Locksmith – level 1
Open 5 chests
Locksmith - level 2 Locksmith – level 2
Open 15 chests
Locksmith - level 3 Locksmith – level 3
Open 30 chests
Shopaholic Shopaholic
Buy 50 items
Meat Monster Meat Monster
Kill Meat Monster
Gruu Gruu
Kill Gruu
Killer Plant Killer Plant
Kill Killer Plant
Spectre Spectre
Kill Spectre