Rats – Time is running out! Achievement List

Locksmith Locksmith
Unlock 5 doors
Master Thief Master Thief
Steal 1000 coins
Ratosterone Ratosterone
Fight 25 guards
Cheese Connoisseur Cheese Connoisseur
Eat 25 cheeses
Time Chaser Time Chaser
Find a total of 5 minutes
Time Master Time Master
Spend 300 second
The rowdy The rowdy
kick 5 guards away
Banker's kicker Banker’s kicker
Kick a pig away
Rat in fire! Rat in fire!
Trigger the fire boot for the first time
Can't catch me! Can’t catch me!
Reach the maximum speed
Handyman Handyman
Find all the blueprints
Reaching for the Stars! Reaching for the Stars!
Earn 150 stars