Ramayana Achievement List

Graduated Graduated
Finished Tutorial. i.e. Finished First 2 Chapters under Campaign Menu
Fire In Water Fire In Water
Set fire on water
Clash of the Titans Clash of the Titans
Use Hanuman’s Giant form against Kumbhakarna
Cartographer Cartographer
Create a custom map
Giant-Slayer Giant-Slayer
Kill kumbhakarna and complete Chapter 10
Trickster Trickster
Kill Meghnaad and complete Chapter 12
Anihilator Anihilator
Use Brahmastra
Demon-Slayer Demon-Slayer
Kill Raavana and complete Campaign
Heavyweight Heavyweight
Complete chapter 17 to lift Gandhamadan Mountain
Engineer Engineer
Construct Rama-Setu and finish chapter 5