RAM BOE Achievement List

Oops! Oops!
Lose the game by throwing out the wrong runestone.
Off-Limits Off-Limits
Lose a game by falling off the platform.
Higher Learning Higher Learning
Complete the tutorial.
A Spark is Lit A Spark is Lit
Release 20 souls.
Kindled Campfire Kindled Campfire
Release 60 souls.
Eternal Flame Eternal Flame
Release 100 souls.
Brightest Day Brightest Day
Complete all the day levels.
Blackest Night Blackest Night
Complete all the night levels.
Had a Little Ram Had a Little Ram
Rank-up at least 1000 points total.
Early Days of Ram-hood Early Days of Ram-hood
Rank-up at leats 3000 points total.
I'm a Madaf**** Battering-Ram I’m a Madaf**** Battering-Ram
Rank-up at least 7000 points total.
Wait, I'm still a ram? Wait, I’m still a ram?
Finish the game.
Just figuring things out Just figuring things out
Lose on any level 10 times.
A quarter of my life A quarter of my life
Lose on any level 25 times.
Relax, I goat this! Relax, I goat this!
Finish a special level on the first try.
To create or not to create To create or not to create
Upload a level to steam workshop.