Rally Copters Achievement List

Never gonna give you up Never gonna give you up
Complete all phase 3 levels with the Mosquito
Full hangar Full hangar
Unlock all helicopters
All the way All the way
Complete all levels
The specialist The specialist
Get a platinum medal
Earn your wings Earn your wings
Complete a flag run without taking damage
Can’t touch this Can’t touch this
Perform a successful flipdodge
The Bomber The Bomber
Travel 100 meters in a single dive
The golden child The golden child
Earn a gold-plus or better medal
Flying Blind Flying Blind
Complete a phase 3 level, with no guiding line, in one try
Hidden Achievement
Determined Determined
Reach 50 tries in a level
Hidden Achievement
Crash landing Crash landing
Crash your helicopter after crossing a finish line
Hidden Achievement
Nailed it! Nailed it!
Obtain a full landing bonus