RainBlood Chronicles: Mirage Achievement List

Rich Man Rich Man
Collect 10,000 Gold
Mister Silver Mister Silver
Collect 100,000 Gold
Man in Gold Man in Gold
Collect 1,000,000 Gold
Raw Hand Raw Hand
Collect 1,000 Blue Qi Points
Skillful Lad Skillful Lad
Collect 10,000 Blue Qi Points
Great Guru Great Guru
Collect 100,000 Blue Qi Points
Ghost in the Woods Ghost in the Woods
Collect 1,000 Purple Qi Points
General of Souls General of Souls
Collect 10,000 Purple Qi Points
Way of Heaven Way of Heaven
Collect 100,000 Purple Qi Points
Silver Hand Silver Hand
Collect 500 Ingots
Pain Deliver Pain Deliver
Perform 1 S combo
Slaughtering Artist Slaughtering Artist
Perform 50 S combos
Rain Fear Rain Fear
Sustain S for 10 seconds.
Wind Ripper Wind Ripper
Sustain S for 20 seconds.
Lost in Hell Lost in Hell
Die 10 times
Hell's Regular Hell’s Regular
Die 100 times
First Blood First Blood
Defeat the first enemy
Weird Stuff Weird Stuff
Defeat the first KAKA Chest
Out of My Way! Out of My Way!
Defeat 1000 Black Masked Assassin of any type
Broken Arrow Broken Arrow
Defeat 1000 Archers of any type
Firework Restriction Firework Restriction
Defeat 1000 Alchemist of any type
Dagger Collector Dagger Collector
Defeat 1000 Blind Assassin of any type
Pest's Natural Enemy Pest’s Natural Enemy
Defeat 100 Husk
Kite Astray Kite Astray
Defeat 100 Kite Archers
Toss And Turn Toss And Turn
Defeat 100 Sword Maiden Of Any Type
Heavy Industry Heavy Industry
Defeat 100 Automaton-Z
Quiet Please! Quiet Please!
Defeat 50 Succubus Of Any Type
KAKA Hunter KAKA Hunter
Defeat 50 KAKA Chests
There Is No Gold Buried Here There Is No Gold Buried Here
Defeat 100 Chest Imitators of any type
Twin Breaker Twin Breaker
Defeat 50 Twin Blades Killers
You Missed, 50 Times. You Missed, 50 Times.
Defeat 50 Storm Archers
Poison On Blade Poison On Blade
Defeat 50 Assassin “Bloodsucker”
Silk Merchant Silk Merchant
Defeat 50 Evolved Husk
Lightning Rod Lightning Rod
Defeat 50 Storm Automaton
Kill Me Softly Kill Me Softly
Defeat 50 Nightmare Succubus
Quit Addiction Quit Addiction
Defeat Sword Zealot
Mask Terminator Mask Terminator
Defeat Noble Masque
No Meat for You! No Meat for You!
Defeat Butcher
One More Sad Story to Tell One More Sad Story to Tell
Defeat Twin Brides
Nidus Cleaner Nidus Cleaner
Defeat Evil Husk
Pest Control Pest Control
Defeat Cocoon Lord
Go Stay With Your Brother Go Stay With Your Brother
Defeat Sword Zealot “The Fisherman”
Shipwreck Shipwreck
Destroy Silver Dragon
Water Pollution Water Pollution
Defeat Water Ghost
Piece Of Junk Piece Of Junk
Defeat Automaton-S
Extinction Is Extinct Extinction Is Extinct
Defeat Doom Automaton
Wounded Wings Wounded Wings
Defeat Butterfly
Gate Of Non-dualism Gate Of Non-dualism
Defeat The Blade Master
Family Matters Family Matters
Save Jade’s Sister
For the Org! For the Org!
Defeat Yinling
Mirage Lives Mirage Lives
Defeat Mirage Lord
Just Warming Up Just Warming Up
Survive Mirage In Novice Mode
Martial Connoisseur Martial Connoisseur
Survive Mirage In Killer Mode
Unstopable Unstopable
Survive Mirage In Executer Mode
Legendary Legendary
Survive Mirage In Night Slayer Mode
First Time Here First Time Here
Clear All Stages
Secret But Nothing More Secret But Nothing More
Find the Secret House in 1-1
Secret and Maybe More Secret and Maybe More
Find the Secret Room in 1-2
Escaper Escaper
Find Baifei in 2-1
Deeper? Oh Yes! Deeper? Oh Yes!
Enter the Secret Tunnel in 2-5
Yo! Good Man! Yo! Good Man!
Save Lives in 3-1
There Are Someone Else There Are Someone Else
Get the Ghost Chest in 3-3
Whisperer Whisperer
Encounter the Meditator in 4-2
Place Of Visit Place Of Visit
Enjoy Luo City’s View in 4-3
Counter-Encirclement Counter-Encirclement
Escape Enemy’s Trap in 5-1
Tragic Affair Tragic Affair
Find the Secrete Room in 5-1
Di-Methyl-Benzene Di-Methyl-Benzene
Avoided Poison in 5-4
What’s Done There? What’s Done There?
Discover the Secret Under the Wall in 6-1
Black Flag Black Flag
Encounter Black Guardian in 6-2
Double Agent Double Agent
Encounter Masked Killer in 7
Shoot! Got Slain. Shoot! Got Slain.
Kill All Members of Archer Family
Tourist Guide Tourist Guide
Finish all hidden chapters
Big Pocket Big Pocket
Be able to equip 4 accessories at the same time
Long Live Long Live
Collect all of the Blood Stones
Not So Easy to Die Not So Easy to Die
Collect all of the Red Stones
Dragon Sword Dragon Sword
Collect all of Shang’s exclusive accessories
Soul Eater Soul Eater
Collect all of Soul’s exclusive accessories
A World In My Pocket A World In My Pocket
Collect all accessories
Scarlet Flash Scarlet Flash
Unlock all of Soul’s skills
Golden Matrix Golden Matrix
Unlock all of Shang’s skills
Take This! Take This!
Upgrade all of Soul’s skills to LV3
Take That! Take That!
Upgrade all of Shang’s skills to LV3
Tresure Hunter Tresure Hunter
Found 99 Bronze Dolls
Tresure Lord Tresure Lord
Found 99 Silver Bells
Tresure Legend Tresure Legend
Found 99 Gold Masks
Thoughts Passed On Thoughts Passed On
Collect All Segments of Notes On Thoughts
Truth Unrevealed Truth Unrevealed
Collect All Segments
Master Mind Master Mind
Collect All Segments And Secrete Letters
Minions Don't Matter Minions Don’t Matter
Defeat Noble Masque Without Killing Kite Archers in Night Slayer Mode
Sorry, On  A Tight Schedule Sorry, On A Tight Schedule
In Night Slayer Mode, Defeat The Second Twin Bride 6 Seconds After Defeating The First One
In And Out In And Out
In Night Slayer mode, defeat the Cocoon Lord before his 6th return to cocoon form.
Ping Pong On The Water Ping Pong On The Water
In Night Slayer mode, successfully rebound all cannon balls.
Catch That Fish Catch That Fish
In Night Slayer mode, defeat Water Ghost before he enters water.
Friendly Fire Friendly Fire
In Night Slayer mode, make Doom Automaton kill 20 Automaton-Z
Atheist Atheist
In Night Slayer mode, defeat the Blade Master without taking damage.
Be Gentle On That Girl Be Gentle On That Girl
In Night Slayer mode, defeat Yinling in 2 minutes.
Lost Wheel Chair Lost Wheel Chair
In Night Slayer mode, defeat the Mirage Lord without taking damage.
Seriously? Seriously?
Complete Tower Rush.
Mile Stone Mile Stone
Receive S in Boss Rush mode.
Gold Teller Gold Teller
Collect 5,000 Ingots
Lifetime Wealth Lifetime Wealth
Collect 50,000 Ingots
Oh, You Again? Oh, You Again?
Complete 100 duels in Duel mode.