Radiant Defense Achievement List

Aliens Go Home Aliens Go Home
Finish 3 missions on 3 stars.
Quality Over Quantity Quality Over Quantity
Upgrade 5 weapons to the max in a single mission.
Fiscal Responsibility Fiscal Responsibility
Save 1000 or more credits in a single mission.
Industrial Complex Industrial Complex
Build all weapons in a single mission.
Gun Forest Gun Forest
Place 50 weapons in a single mission.
Defcon 1 Defcon 1
Fire all superweapons in a single wave.
All Clear All Clear
Finish 12 missions on 3 stars.
Endangered Species Endangered Species
Collect 100 Dancing Aliens.
Take A Day Off, Doc Take A Day Off, Doc
Finish 5 missions without the Research Unit.
Xenocide Xenocide
Kill 30000 aliens.