Rabbit Island Achievement List

Episode 1 Episode 1
Complete episode 1
Episode 2 Episode 2
Complete episode 2
Episode 3 Episode 3
Complete episode 3
Episode 4 Episode 4
Complete episode 4
Episode 5 Episode 5
Complete episode 5
Episode 6 Episode 6
Complete episode 6
Episode 7 Episode 7
Complete episode 7
Episode 8 Episode 8
Complete episode 8
Episode 9 Episode 9
Complete episode 9
Episode 10 Episode 10
Complete episode 10
The ideal episode The ideal episode
Complete the episode and save 60 carrots
The ideal walkthrough The ideal walkthrough
Save 600 carrots
Engineer Engineer
Set one improvement on tower
Give Give
Sell improvement on tower
Gourmet Gourmet
Open all towers
Ready to defend Ready to defend
Improve all towers to the max
Cool rabbit Cool rabbit
Improve one type of rabbits to the max
The gang The gang
Improve all types of rabbits to the max
Small advantage Small advantage
Improve one type of perks to the max
Granary Granary
Improve all types of perks to the max
Hat-trick Hat-trick
Win the “towers vs towers” game 3 times in a row
Experienced Experienced
Play the “towers vs towers” game 20 times
Winner Winner
Win the “towers vs towers” game 10 times
Skilled Skilled
Lose the “towers vs towers” game 10 time
Traveler Traveler
Play the “towers vs towers” game on all maps
Sly Sly
Beat a higher-level player in the “towers vs towers” game
No evidence No evidence
Win any game with none of your towers in the field in the end
Coin collector Coin collector
Collect 1000 coins
Brawny fellow Brawny fellow
Improve towers, rabbits and perks to the max