Quell Zen Achievement List

Samsara Samsara
Complete a stage in perfect moves
First Steps First Steps
Complete a chapter
Nirvana Nirvana
Complete every chapter
Zen Master Zen Master
Complete every chapter in perfect moves
Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby
Collect 4 jewels
Mindful Mindful
Collect every jewel
Sensei Sensei
Discover a zen stone level
Roshi Roshi
Collect every zen stone
Astrophysicist Astrophysicist
Discover a black hole level
Symbolic Symbolic
Light a symbol 10 times during a level
Congested Congested
Fill every tile with a gate
Four Noble Truths Four Noble Truths
Exit the same ring in all 4 directions during a level
Kiss from a Rose Kiss from a Rose
Toggle the same rose 8 times during a level
Illuminatus II Illuminatus II
Illuminate blue, gold, red and green diamonds at the same time
Tangled Tangled
Pass a beam through 4 rings
Shift Work Shift Work
Use shift arrows to move another droplet
Fusion Fusion
Merge 6 of the same gemstone at once
Karma Chameleon Karma Chameleon
Change the color of the same raindrop 5 times during a level