Queen At Arms Achievement List

Bear-Slapped!! Bear-Slapped!!
Get slapped.
Dandy In Distress Dandy In Distress
Save Prince Alastor from wolves.
Following Orders Following Orders
Complete Chapter 1.
Declaration Declaration
Complete Chapter 2.
Total War Total War
Complete Chapter 3.
The Road to the Throne The Road to the Throne
Complete Chapter 4 after siding with Queen Charlotte.
Deceit and Danger Deceit and Danger
Complete Chapter 4 after siding with Alastor.
“Friendly Fire”
Use fire magic to aid a wounded soldier.
Actual Friendly Fire Actual Friendly Fire
Accidentally kill a group of Ortheran soldiers.
Take Command! Take Command!
Volunteer to lead the charge across the river.
Starved Charge Starved Charge
Wait too long to attack.
Whoops... Whoops…
Take heavy losses at the Battle of Arendy. (Your King is disappointed…)
Competent Commander Competent Commander
Minimize your losses at the Battle of Arendy. (Your King is impressed!)
Hahaha... BOOM! Hahaha… BOOM!
Shrapnel bombs are a great idea… right?
Disco Inferno Disco Inferno
Ask Rubus to set the forest on fire, you pyromaniac.
Loyal Soldier Loyal Soldier
Hesitate to claim your crown.
Crowned Queen Crowned Queen
Claim the throne as ruler of Orthera.
Freed Queen Freed Queen
Spend years in prison, then get crowned.
Regicidal Queen Regicidal Queen
Mysteriously killed by bandits after a high-profile confrontation.
A Reign Restored A Reign Restored
Gain the throne after a trial and execution.
Rule of Redemption Rule of Redemption
Someone avoids a death sentence.
Crown of Hope Crown of Hope
Learn the truth of King Kendrick’s legacy.
No Place Like Home No Place Like Home
Run away with Nick.
Royal Consort Royal Consort
Romance Prince Alastor.
Charmed Charmed
Romance Archmagus Rubus.
Holy Roller Holy Roller
Romance Prelate Lucius.
Bells and Whistles Bells and Whistles
Romance Mechanist James. (Thanks for naming this one, Fiogan!)
Fraternizing with the Enemy Fraternizing with the Enemy
Romance Knight Lorimette.
Foxy Foxy
Romance Spymaster Fox.
Shot Through the Heart Shot Through the Heart
Romance Head Archer Cesca.