Quatros Origins Achievement List

One-Liner One-Liner
Make one line.
Deuce Deuce
Make a two line combo.
Triad Triad
Make a three line combo.
Tetrad Tetrad
Make a four line combo.
Sky Scraper Sky Scraper
Reach a score of 500000 in Normal mode.
Delirious Delirious
Reach a score of 250000 in Hard mode.
Run Of The Mill Run Of The Mill
Reach a score of 15000 in Raid mode.
Wacky Wacky
Reach a score of 50000 in Fixate mode.
Single Twisty Single Twisty
Make a line on turn on the next playfield.
Prime-A1 Prime-A1
Make at least one line containing one special block.
Combo-A1 Combo-A1
Make at least one line containing four special blocks.
Centennial Centennial
Make one hundred lines in one game.