Quatro Luzes Achievement List

Seeing Red Seeing Red
Entered the Red World
Seeing Green Seeing Green
Entered the Green World
Seeing Yellow Seeing Yellow
Entered the Yellow World
Seeing Blue Seeing Blue
Entered the Blue World
Beginning of the Path Beginning of the Path
Collected the first Spirit
Spirit Chaser Spirit Chaser
Collected 5 Spirits
Collector Collector
Collected 100 Wisps
Explorer Explorer
Cleared a level with 100%
Half Way There Half Way There
Anchieved 50% completion
Regrowth Regrowth
Finished the game
Quatro Luzes Free Quatro Luzes Free
Anchieved 100% completion
Deathless Deathless
Finished the game with no deaths
Master of Light Master of Light
Finished the game with 100% completion and no deaths