Quantum Lock Achievement List

Game Opener Game Opener
Successfully open the game once!
Cryptonaut I Cryptonaut I
Win your first game of Quantum Lock!
Cryptonaut II Cryptonaut II
Wow, you managed to win 5 games go you!
Cryptonaut III Cryptonaut III
Holy Moley, You have won 10 whole games, you’re a big kid now!
Cryptonaut IV Cryptonaut IV
Hot Damn! You’ve managed to get 50 wins under your belt
Cryptonaut V Cryptonaut V
You’ve some how managed to spend enough time to win 1000 games, you are probably a developer!
Disconnect Error Disconnect Error
Your first loss! Stay in their champ, you’ll get them next time!
Simulation Beginner Simulation Beginner
You’ve played 10 Matches!
Simulation Novice Simulation Novice
You’ve played 25 Matches!
Simulation Expert Simulation Expert
You’ve played 100 Matches
Simulation God Simulation God
Wow! You’ve played 1000 matches, That’s bananas!
Clunkered Down Clunkered Down
Finish all 4 waves of Clunkered Down!
Rhino Rumble Rhino Rumble
Finish all 4 waves of Rhino Rumble!
Dance Party Dance Party
Finish all 4 waves of Dance Party!
Stalker Hunt Stalker Hunt
Finish all 4 waves of Stalker Hunt!
Skip Trap Skip Trap
Finish all 4 waves of Skip Trap!
Adjudication Adjudication
Finish all 4 waves of Adjudication!
Arbitration Arbitration
Finish all 4 waves of Arbitration!
SapTrap SapTrap
Finish all 4 waves of SapTrap!
Guardian's Temple Guardian’s Temple
Finish all 4 waves of Guardian’s Temple!
Hellfire Hellfire
Finish all 4 waves of Hellfire!