Pyramid Raid Achievement List

Start Game Start Game
Start the game for the first time
Exibitionist Mummy Exibitionist Mummy
Click the Corporate Homepage button in the Title Screen or the Options Screen
Engineer Engineer
Change an option in the Options Menu
Proud Parents Proud Parents
Watch the Credits for at least 60 seconds
Fast Learner Fast Learner
Complete the Tutorial
Gender Bender Gender Bender
Switch the gender of your mummy
Mad Hatter Mad Hatter
Own one Mummy Accessoire
HATtrick HATtrick
Own three different Mummy Accessoires
New duds New duds
Own one Mummy Skin
Unlucky Unlucky
Die 100 times
Stuntman Stuntman
Die 1000 times
Bad Luck Brian Bad Luck Brian
Die 10000 times
I'm here to stay I’m here to stay
Play the game for a total of 10 hours
Gold Digger Gold Digger
Completely clear out a burial chamber
Chapter One Chapter One
Chapter one completed
Chapter Two Chapter Two
Chapter two completed
Chapter Three Chapter Three
Chapter three completed
Chapter Four Chapter Four
Chapter four completed