Puzzler World 2 Achievement List

Word Wizard Word Wizard
Complete 10 Wordsearch puzzles
Sudoku Saviour Sudoku Saviour
Complete 10 Sudoku puzzles
Fitness Freak Fitness Freak
Complete 10 Fitword puzzles
Quick Pix Linker Quick Pix Linker
Complete 10 Link-A-Pix puzzles
Super Spotter Super Spotter
Complete 10 Hide And Seek puzzles
Backwords Beauty Backwords Beauty
Complete 10 Backword puzzles
Piece It Together Piece It Together
Complete 10 Pieceword puzzles
Crossword Champ Crossword Champ
Complete 10 Crossword puzzles
Shape Shifter Shape Shifter
Complete 10 Silhouette puzzles
Unhung Hero Unhung Hero
Complete Hangman puzzles
Quick Thinker Quick Thinker
Complete 10 Chainletter puzzles
Memory Maestro Memory Maestro
Complete 10 Picture Quiz puzzles
Doing The Splits Doing The Splits
Complete 10 Splitword puzzles
Summariser Summariser
Complete 10 Sum Up puzzles
Adder Ace Adder Ace
Complete 10 Add Up puzzles
Pick A Pair Pick A Pair
Complete 10 Pairs puzzles
Quick Slider Quick Slider
Complete 10 Jigsaw puzzles