Puzzle Quest 2 Achievement List

Cheating AI Cheating AI
Be defeated by an opponent on their first turn during single player quest mode
Defeat an opponent on your first turn during any single player game mode
Epic Win Epic Win
Defeat an opponent while on 1 Life Point during any single player game mode
Epic Fail Epic Fail
Lose to an opponent who’s on 1 Life Point during any single player game mode
Make a match of 8 gems in a row in any battle game mode
Learn 2 Spell Learn 2 Spell
Learn all the bonus spells
Not Bad! Not Bad!
Defeat 500 monsters
Clear The Town Clear The Town
Clear the town of Goblins.
King Godd King Godd
Defeat King Godd
Shadowbringer Shadowbringer
Defeat Shadowbringer
Happily Ever After Happily Ever After
Complete the game
Yeti Yeti
Defeat the Yeti
Green Dragon Green Dragon
Defeat the Green Dragon
Gate Hacker Gate Hacker
Choose the Bash mini-game whenever possible during the single player campaign
Grand Slam Grand Slam
Win 5 Tournaments
Last Hero Standing Last Hero Standing
Survive the Endurance mode
Bragging Rights Bragging Rights
Defeat 5 opponents in multiplayer
Handyman Handyman
Upgrade an item
Respec your hero by visiting Jarrum Blackstone in the Chapel
Feeling Groovy Feeling Groovy
Heal some trap damage by visiting Jarrum Blackstone in the Chapel
Locksmith Locksmith
Pick your way through 5 locks
Smashing! Smashing!
Bash your way through 5 locks
Open Sesame Open Sesame
Magically force your way through 5 locks
Disarm, Or Be Disarmed Disarm, Or Be Disarmed
Disarm 5 traps to avoid being wounded
Scavenge Hunt Scavenge Hunt
Search 5 rooms for hidden treasure or danger
Wow!! Wow!!
Defeat 1000 monsters
We Didn't Even Test This!!! We Didn’t Even Test This!!!
Defeat 2000 monsters
Completionist Completionist
Finish the single player campaign with a hero from each class
Equal Opportunity Equal Opportunity
Finish the single player campaign with both male and female from the one class
We Love You Too We Love You Too
Watch the credits sequence to the end
Craftsman Craftsman
Upgrade an item to Epic
High Roller High Roller
Play the “Lucky Dip” side quest
Tourist Tourist
Visit every room in the game
You're Doing It Wrong You’re Doing It Wrong
Complete the game without activating an item
Perfect Preparation Perfect Preparation
Advance to the Green Dragon in Endurance mode on full health
That Was Lucky! That Was Lucky!
Resist Subjugate or Crushing Kill
Underdog Underdog
Win a Tournament with the first or second hero alive
Stumbling Blind Stumbling Blind
Activate 5 traps during a campaign
Killer Combo Killer Combo
Do more than 250 damage during your turn
You Only Live Thrice You Only Live Thrice
Kill an undead monster, then kill it again and again after it reanimates
We Don't Need No Water We Don’t Need No Water
Lose the burning inn challenge battle
Have You Killed Him Yet? Have You Killed Him Yet?
Defeat a Yeti after at least 100 turns have passed
Left 4 Undead Left 4 Undead
Complete the “Able Replacement” quest
Sweet Dreams Sweet Dreams
Complete the “Stuff of Nightmares” quest
Skull Breaker Skull Breaker
Defeat the monster known as “Teh SkullBrekker”
Match Fixer Match Fixer
Complete the “Eye of the Owlbear” quest
Hammer Time Hammer Time
Forge the “Hammer of Righteousness”
Resistance Is Futile Resistance Is Futile
Defeat the Arch Lich
Not Quite Right Not Quite Right
Complete the “Imp!” quest for Crye
The Dark Elves The Dark Elves
Escape the Dark Dwarven Laboratory
Questionable Ethics Questionable Ethics
Complete the “Insurance Fraud” quest
Dark Elven Nemesis Dark Elven Nemesis
Gain access to Gorgons Cathedral
Crafty Consumer Crafty Consumer
Complete the “Deep Delving Dwarf” quest