Push The Crate Achievement List

Play Push the Crate.
Push it! Push it!
Push 1 crate!
Push it x5! Push it x5!
Push 5 crates!
Push it x10! Push it x10!
Push 10 crates!
Push it x25! Push it x25!
Push 25 crates!
Push it x50! Push it x50!
Push 50 crates!
Push it x75! Push it x75!
Push 75 crates!
Push it x100! Push it x100!
Push 100 crates!
On place! On place!
Place a crate on a target field.
Champion Champion
Win 1 level!
Champion x5 Champion x5
Win 5 level!
Champion x10 Champion x10
Win 10 level!
Champion x25 Champion x25
Win 25 level!
Champion x50 Champion x50
Win 50 level!
Champion x75 Champion x75
Win 75 level!
Champion x100 Champion x100
Win 100 level!
100% 100%
Complete all level!