Push Me Pull You Achievement List

Out Of Stars Out Of Stars
Run out of room on your victory banner
Hidden Achievement
Short Game Short Game
Win a match while keeping your body at minimum length
A Dog's Dream A Dog’s Dream
Play all game modes in a single session
Hidden Achievement
Mucking About Mucking About
Spend a long time while warming up
Hidden Achievement
Nail Biter Nail Biter
Win a game while the other team’s goal is nearly full
Hidden Achievement
Didn't Sleep a Wink Didn’t Sleep a Wink
Talk a lot during a game of Sleepytime
Hidden Achievement
Miserly Miserly
Keep all three balls in your goal for an entire point in Greedy
Hidden Achievement
Liner Liner
Win Knockout while your own ball is on the boundary line
Hidden Achievement
Turnover Turnover
Have ten or more changeovers in a single point of Halfcourt
Hidden Achievement
Goooaaalll! Goooaaalll!
Score in both soccer goals while warming up
Woof Woof Woof Woof
Find the secret mode