Purino Party Achievement List

Turn Me On Turn Me On
Start the game
Getting Warmed Up Getting Warmed Up
Finish reading the opening scene
Fappable Fappable
Clear Yogiri’s route
I Love You, Big Bro! I Love You, Big Bro!
Clear Sora’s route
Oh My Goddess! Oh My Goddess!
Clear Suzu’s route
Pure Girl Harem, Assembled! Pure Girl Harem, Assembled!
Complete all the Pure Girl routes and reach the halfway point
First Love Song First Love Song
Clear Hinako’s route
Shining Star Shining Star
Clear Konoka’s route
Love Letter Love Letter
Clear Kanae’s route
Innocent Girl Harem - Complete! Innocent Girl Harem – Complete!
Finish reading the ending scene
Puzzle Master Puzzle Master
Complete every girl’s route without ever lowering the difficulty
Hand of God Hand of God
Perform a 12-chain combo during a puzzle game