Psycho Starship Rampage Achievement List

Repair Bots Repair Bots
Survive level 0
Accumulator Accumulator
Build a ship with 100 total power
Missile Launcher Missile Launcher
Kill 200 enemies with shield
Laser Cannon Laser Cannon
Kill 5000 enemies
Mine Launcher Mine Launcher
Kill 300 enemies behind you in one run
Torpedo Launcher Torpedo Launcher
Fire 100 mines
Tractor Beam Tractor Beam
Destroy 100 asteroids
Pulse Emitter Pulse Emitter
Kill 100 enemies using a tractor beam
Shockwave Generator Shockwave Generator
Kill 500 enemies using a pulse emitter
Force Spikes Force Spikes
Ram and kill 50 enemies
Energy Shield Energy Shield
Survive level 10
Hull Plating Hull Plating
Collect 30 life upgrades
Scrap Magnet Scrap Magnet
Collect 20000 scrap
Subspace Cannon Subspace Cannon
Build a ship with 20 cannons
Black Hole Cannon Black Hole Cannon
Build a ship of 100 tiles
Energy Boost Energy Boost
Build a ship with 500 total power
Cooldown Boost Cooldown Boost
Fire 100 torpedoes
Repair Buff Repair Buff
Die 20 times
Invincibility Buff Invincibility Buff
Survive level 20
Speed Buff Speed Buff
Build a ship of 50 tiles
Energy Buff Energy Buff
Build a ship with 2000 total power
Damage Buff Damage Buff
Kill 30000 enemies
Inaccurate Plasma Cannon Inaccurate Plasma Cannon
Collect 50000 scrap
Unstable Plasma Cannon Unstable Plasma Cannon
Kill 1000 enemies behind you
Waving Plasma Cannon Waving Plasma Cannon
Collect 500 power-ups
Drilling Laser Cannon Drilling Laser Cannon
Destroy 300 asteroids
Pre-heated Laser Cannon Pre-heated Laser Cannon
Kill 5000 enemies using a laser cannon
Discharging Laser Cannon Discharging Laser Cannon
Kill 10000 enemies using a laser cannon
Stopping Missile Stopping Missile
Kill 1000 enemies using a pulse emitter
Piercing Missile Piercing Missile
Destroy 100 ship carcasses
Piercing Missile II Piercing Missile II
Destroy 200 ship carcasses
Unstoppable Missile Unstoppable Missile
Survive level 30
Homing Missile Homing Missile
Kill 500 enemies with shield
Shockwave Torpedo Shockwave Torpedo
Fire 100 shockwaves
Gravity Torpedo Gravity Torpedo
Kill 300 enemies using a tractor beam
Graviton Torpedo Graviton Torpedo
Fire 30 black holes
Tesla Torpedo Tesla Torpedo
Get hit 20 times by friendly fire
Homing Torpedo Homing Torpedo
Fire 300 torpedoes
Bullet Mine Bullet Mine
Kill 500 enemies using mines
Subspace Mine Subspace Mine
Fire 100 subspace bubbles
Tesla Mine Tesla Mine
Get hit 50 times by friendly fire
Converter Shield Converter Shield
Absorb 100 plasma bullets with a shield
Physical Shield Physical Shield
Ram and kill 500 enemies
Deflector Shield Deflector Shield
Hack 200 loot boxes
Reflector Shield Reflector Shield
Cancel 10000 enemy plasma bullets
Kinetic Shield Kinetic Shield
Cancel 20000 enemy plasma bullets