Prominence Poker Achievement List

The Prestigious The Prestigious
Join an affiliation
The Criminal The Criminal
Gain Rank 2 in any affiliation
The Tough Guy The Tough Guy
Gain Rank 3 in any affiliation
No Luck Involved No Luck Involved
Win a 6-player online multiplayer tournament
One on One One on One
Win a Head-to-Head tournament
Social Butterfly Social Butterfly
Play 100 multiplayer games
Makin' It Rain! Makin’ It Rain!
Earn 100,000 chips from the Daily Cut
The Duelist The Duelist
Win 50 Head-to-Head tournaments
T.K.O. T.K.O.
Knock out 100 players in tournament play
Bustin' Makes Me Feel Good Bustin’ Makes Me Feel Good
Bust 100 players in ring games
Millionaire Millionaire
Reach 1 million bankroll
The Executioner The Executioner
Knock out all 5 players in any 6 player tournament
Billionaire Billionaire
Reach 1 billion bankroll
Blackjack! Blackjack!
Be dealt a Blackjack as your hole cards
Shop-a-holic Shop-a-holic
Purchase 10 outfits
Gambling Addict Gambling Addict
Play 50 games in the casino
Klean Freak Klean Freak
Play 50 games in the Laundromat
Most Valuable Patron Most Valuable Patron
Play 50 games in the Bar
The Mechanic The Mechanic
Win 5 hands in a row in a multiplayer game
Penta-Cut Penta-Cut
Collect your Daily Cut 5 times in a row without missing a consecutive bonus
Multi-Buster Multi-Buster
Bust 2 or more players in the same hand
Do You Even Lift? Do You Even Lift?
Complete a challenge
Gettin' Juiced Gettin’ Juiced
Complete 10 challenges
Mutineer Mutineer
Change affiliations
Hidden Achievement
In the Land of the Blind... In the Land of the Blind…
Go All-In without looking at your hole cards and win
River Fishing River Fishing
Win a hand that you made on the River
Seven Deuce Abuse Seven Deuce Abuse
Win a hand with 7 2 offsuit as your hole cards
Nice Quads Nice Quads
Quadruple your buy-in during a single multiplayer ring game
Welcome to Prominence Welcome to Prominence
Complete the tutorial
Hidden Achievement
Dead Man's Hole Dead Man’s Hole
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Smokin' and Drinkin' Smokin’ and Drinkin’
Own a smoke and a drink
Hidden Achievement
Shape Shifter Shape Shifter
Change your Gender
Social Larvae Social Larvae
Play in 5 multiplayer games
Social Caterpillar Social Caterpillar
Play in 50 multiplayer games
The Wiseguy (COMING SOON) The Wiseguy (COMING SOON)
(IN DEVELOPMENT) Gain Rank 4 in any affiliation
Up and Coming (COMING SOON) Up and Coming (COMING SOON)
(IN DEVELOPMENT) Play a ranked game
Meat The Spades (COMING SOON) Meat The Spades (COMING SOON)
(IN DEVELOPMENT) Play 50 games in Motherland Meats
Ranked: Bronze (COMING SOON) Ranked: Bronze (COMING SOON)
(IN DEVELOPMENT) End a ranked season in the Bronze tier
Ranked: Silver (COMING SOON) Ranked: Silver (COMING SOON)
(IN DEVELOPMENT) End a ranked season in the Silver tier
Ranked: Gold (COMING SOON) Ranked: Gold (COMING SOON)
(IN DEVELOPMENT) End a ranked season in the Gold tier
Ranked: Platinum (COMING SOON) Ranked: Platinum (COMING SOON)
(IN DEVELOPMENT) End a ranked season in the Platinum tier
Ranked: Diamond (COMING SOON) Ranked: Diamond (COMING SOON)
(IN DEVELOPMENT) End a ranked season in the Diamond tier