Prominence Achievement List

A Scanner Brightly A Scanner Brightly
Find a way out of Medical.
Bazapp! Bazapp!
Get the power running in Power Control.
Lil Orphan Annie Lil Orphan Annie
Activate ANNIE.
Clearing The Mess Clearing The Mess
Clear the debris from the cafeteria.
Power Broker Power Broker
Completed the Power Allocation Puzzle in M&CC in the shortest number of moves.
The Road Less Traveled The Road Less Traveled
A common destination, but an uncommon path…
It's All Orange And Red It’s All Orange And Red
Get the holoprojector working in Medical.
Voyeur Voyeur
Retrieve all camera logs.
All your logs are belong to us All your logs are belong to us
Retrieve all LCT logs.
Just browsing Just browsing
Access an optional article in Data Archives.
Holographic Librarian Holographic Librarian
Retrieve half of all articles in Data Archives.
Letarri Loremaster Letarri Loremaster
Retrieve all of the articles in Data Archives.
Forewarned Forewarned
Listen to all the ANNIE warning messages.
Secret Message Secret Message
Find the secret message.
Awakening Awakening
You awaken in a dimly lit room…
Core Containment Core Containment
Activate the containment field in the Core.
Jacking in Jacking in
Access a tower in Data Archives.
Psychic Firefighter Psychic Firefighter
I’m psychic and I fight fires!
Hail to the Chief! Hail to the Chief!
Find Alavaji.
Perseverance and Reward Perseverance and Reward
Taking puzzle-solving to the next level!