Prometheus – The Fire Thief Achievement List

Boss of Gods Boss of Gods
Defeat Zeus the first time
Thieving Centaur Thieving Centaur
Beat the Centaur
Don't Lose Your Head Don’t Lose Your Head
Beat the Hydra
Fire It Up Fire It Up
Beat the Chimaera
Stuck to You Stuck to You
Beat Geryon
Boar a Heavy Burden Boar a Heavy Burden
Beat the Erymanthic Wild Boar
It's a Dry Heat It’s a Dry Heat
Beat the Dragon
Revenge is Sweet Revenge is Sweet
Beat Zeus the second time
The Greatest Adventurer The Greatest Adventurer
Collect all items in the game
Got 99 Coins... Got 99 Coins…
Collect 99 coins
Armed to the Teeth Armed to the Teeth
Gain all weapons
Speedrunner Speedrunner
Beat the game in under 1 hour 30 minutes
Avoid Fate Avoid Fate
Beat the game with less than 5 deaths
It is a Secret to Everybody It is a Secret to Everybody
Find the secret room