Project Temporality Achievement List

Rookie Finisher Rookie Finisher
Finish the whole game.
Temporal Agent Temporal Agent
Beating the game with 2 Stars
Time Master Time Master
Beating the game with 3 stars
Curious Curious
Reading 5 journals
Avid Reader Avid Reader
Reading 25 journals
Lore Master Lore Master
Reading ALL journals
First Clone First Clone
Succesfully solve your first puzzle with a time clone
Trap Escaper Trap Escaper
Escape the Admirals trap
I am Legion I am Legion
Use the maximum number of Time clones to solve a puzzle
File Catcher File Catcher
Help Gray get her files.
Get the RFID code to escape
Windows demystifier Windows demystifier
Learn the secrets of the sun being visible through every window.
Speedy Gonzales Speedy Gonzales
Finish a level in below 3 minutes
Master of the Paradox Master of the Paradox
Solve the first paradox puzzle
Getting in the Grove Getting in the Grove
Finish the first 3 levels
Time Adept Time Adept
Finish the first 5 levels
Time Fiend Time Fiend
Finish the first 8 levels
Temporal Wizard Temporal Wizard
Finish the first 12 levels
Temporality Fielded Temporality Fielded
Solve the first Temporality fielded puzzle