Project “Fire” Achievement List

Exterminator Exterminator
Giant spiders? Ha!
Marauder Shields Marauder Shields
Aut cum scuto, aut in scuto.
Part of the system Part of the system
You obey the orders. Good.
Rebel Rebel
You fight against the system. Good.
Good listener Good listener
You like stories, huh?
Art appreciator Art appreciator
You helped the bard. Yay!
Lazy Lazy
Come too late to deserve Albert’s hate.
Liar Liar
One should not trust thee. Thou have no honour.
Con Artist Con Artist
Get your hands on the tavern chest.
Curiosity killed the cat Curiosity killed the cat
Or, was it a swine?
WHY???????!!!!!!!! WHY???????!!!!!!!!
You sentenced him to eternal suffering.
Lockpick chest paradox Lockpick chest paradox
Déjà vu Déjà vu
Listen to the Dreamer.
Crime and punishment Crime and punishment
You found the murder weapon!
Story of my life Story of my life
Reality is not a fairytale. Old man from graveyard can prove it.
Truth Truth
So, you know it. Now what?
The cook The cook
Cook your way out!
Epic fail Epic fail
Try to buy chart when you already have it.
Trader Trader
Trade your way out.
Reality crusher Reality crusher
Sent the guard to the real world.
Epic idiot Epic idiot
Tell the truth to the guard.
Storyteller Storyteller
Tell a good story to the guard.
The right key The right key
Open chest in the vault.
Sneaky! Sneaky!
Knock out the sleepy guard.
Lockpick god Lockpick god
Pick the jail lock.
You will [not] regret this You will [not] regret this
Set the demon free.
Know your foe Know your foe
Learn more about the inquisition.
Bioware style Bioware style
You always have a choice.
Quote of the day Quote of the day
Sometimes quotes from the internet are not correct (c) Albert Einstein
Furry is your fetish Furry is your fetish
Pet the catgirl.
Demonology Demonology
Learn more about the demons.
Guardian Guardian
Learn more about Spirits
Fight the power! Fight the power!
Learn a new punch.
Reckless Reckless
Burn the field.
Tomb raider Tomb raider
Obviously – raid the tomb. No need to climb anywhere, just do it!
Vandalism Vandalism
Push the cart.
Brave Brave
Refuse to take the potions.
Thirst for knowledge Thirst for knowledge
Without an education there is no real democracy.
Punisher Punisher
You know no mercy.
Forgiving Forgiving
Everyone deservers a second chance.
Out of luck Out of luck
Ate your last meal.
Survivor Survivor
Be challeged by the food and survive.