Project Explore Achievement List

Baby Steps Baby Steps
You took your first steps in the world!
Proud Rock Warrior Proud Rock Warrior
You used your rock like a true warrior!
Light Up The Night Light Up The Night
You crafted a light source!
My First Weapon My First Weapon
You crafted a gun!
Unbearable Unbearable
You slaughtered 100 bears.
Puppy Love Puppy Love
You slaughtered 100 wolves.
Getting Fishy Getting Fishy
You went fishing!
Fish Tacos Fish Tacos
You caught 50 fish!
One Night Stand One Night Stand
Survived 1 day in Singleplayer.
Survivor Survivor
Survived 5 days in Singleplayer.
How To Not Go Crazy How To Not Go Crazy
Read the book, “How To Not Go Crazy”.
Stoical Stoical
Survived 20 days in Singleplayer. By now you’ve obtained a long, scraggly white beard, a dark faraway glare, and a dry voice.
Novice Navigator Novice Navigator
You crafted a compass!
28 Days Prior 28 Days Prior
Read the book, “28 Days Prior”.
Rock On! Rock On!
You broke 100 rocks!
Deforestation Deforestation
You cut down 500 trees.
Heavy Metal Heavy Metal
You broke 500 rocks!
Screw You Mother Nature Screw You Mother Nature
Cut down 100 trees.
Get Baked! Get Baked!
Reach a temperature of 250 degrees.
My First Stalker My First Stalker
You killed a nomad stalker for the first time.
Stalked Stalked
You killed 100 nomad stalkers.
Look Ma, No Limbs! Look Ma, No Limbs!
You killed a nomad ripper for the first time.
Jack The Ripper Jack The Ripper
You killed 100 nomad rippers.
Laying The Foundation Laying The Foundation
Place a foundation for the first time.
Deconstruction Deconstruction
Use the deconstruction table to deconstruct an item.
First Forge First Forge
Forge an item for the first time.
Junior Farmer Junior Farmer
Planted 25 crops.
Senior Farmer Senior Farmer
Planted 100 crops.
How To Get An Achievement How To Get An Achievement
Read the book, “How To Get An Achievement”