Pro Rugby Manager 2015 Achievement List

Career Start Career Start
A career has been created.
Top 14 #1 Top 14 #1
You won the Top 14 championship.
Aviva #1 Aviva #1
You won the Aviva championship.
Pro 12 #1 Pro 12 #1
You won the PRO 12 championship.
Champions Cup #1 Champions Cup #1
You won the Champions cup.
Top 14 promotion Top 14 promotion
You have been promoted to Top 14.
Aviva promotion Aviva promotion
You have been promoted to Aviva.
Youngster hired Youngster hired
You hired a young rugbyman.
Senior hired Senior hired
You hired a senior rugbyman.
Five-Star Senior hired Five-Star Senior hired
You hired a five-star senior rugbyman.
Senior contract extended Senior contract extended
You extended the contract of one of your senior rugbyman.
Infrastructure upgraded Infrastructure upgraded
You upgraded an infrastructure of your club.
Five-Star shop Five-Star shop
You upgraded an infrastructure to its maximum level.
Scout report Scout report
You read a scout report from your recruiter.
Finance boss Finance boss
You managed to be a boss!
Big score Big score
You have scored more than 40 points in a match
5 in a Row 5 in a Row
You have won 5 consecutive matches in Career mode
10 in a row 10 in a row
You have won 10 consecutive matches in Career mode
Hidden Achievement
End of the world End of the world
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?